Do you see many photographers’ books?


I see photographer’s portfolios on a regular basis. This would range from one folio to 5 and more folios in a day. It so important to be kept up to date with who’s doing what.


What do you look for in a book? (ie variety, storytelling, understanding of one genre…?)


I look for originality. Fresh way in their approach in shooting still life, portraiture, cars etc. The images needs to be exciting and innovative. As there are thousands of photographers out there, the portfolio needs to be a memorable one. It’s not always a good idea for the photographer to put together their own book, they’re too close and don’t always select the best images.


Is it better to include a lot of images in a book, or a few carefully selected ones?


Definitely less is more.


Do you look at photographers’ websites often? If so, what do you like and what frustrates you about them?


I do look at websites but I do get frustrated when it’s an all singing and dancing one. I prefer it to be simple to navigate and for the work to speak for itself.