Choi has an enormous passion for imagery and a great understanding of what it takes to shape a portfolio into something that is commercially usable. Her insight helped me to gain commissions across multiple agencies. Its great that in what sometimes seems like an industry where more and more, quality seems to be sacrificed for speed, I can call on Choi and listen to a friendly voice of reason.

Jonathan Kitchen, Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Choi as joint judges at D&AD, as a commissioned photographer and as a photographer seeking advice so I feel particularly well qualified to provide this testimonial.

Choi is one of those rare people whose knowledge is as impressive as they are personable. I know as an Art Buyer, Choi selects creative intelligently and with imagination. Always a joy to work with but also with a no nonsense approach that is clearly a benefit in what is after all a very competitive and commercial industry, striking that balanced is a skill in itself.

As a judge, Choi was conscientious and did not let her personal taste intrude in the process. I was impressed how professional she was and again how she gelled with the judging team.

As a photographer, Choi has been extremely helpful to me, even to the point of helping me match with a fabulous new agent. Few have worked at Choi’s level in the industry. The experience she has gained along with a natural eye for what works in a folio or on a website is truly priceless information.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in giving my unreserved recommendation to those looking for expert art buying, photographers needing guidance and organisations looking for expert judging opinion.

Martin Brent, Photographer